The clothing that evolves with you

Marion Waterkeyn designs her creations like real creatures. Alive, they are transformed into our desires and moods.

Her specialty is to create moldable clothes including some which hold a INPI patent. They have transformable contours accompanying women throughout their own journey.

More than just garments, Marion Waterkeyn’s creations are an extension of the wearer. They permit women to reveal their incarnate desires.

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Have a look on the innovative concepts of Marion Waterkeyn

The skirt in bag is the child like soul of Marion Waterkeyn, guided by a playful and inventive spirit. These creative dresses accessible to all budgets, are 4 in 1 or 2 in 1 transformable into bags. At the heart of your wardrobe, the piece creates multiple must see, endlessly reproducible personal looks.

Robe Sculpture by Marion Waterkeyn are alive through their transformable contours and mould according to preference. Accompanying women throughout their own journey. They enable women to express desires, feelings and also future metamorphosis.


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